What is Integrative Cranio?

What is Integrative Cranio?

Integrative Cranio is an advanced diagnostic method whose purpose is to identify the hidden origin of the disorder from which the patient suffers. The method, which was developed by Oren Dotan, DO, uses the spirit of osteopathy and is based on the understanding that the cranial system has interrelations with the various systems of the body (mechanical and visceral).

Oren Dotan, the developer of this method explains more about it in this video:

In the spirit of this understanding, the system allows for the identification of the source of disorders in all systems of the body, through assessment of the cranial system. This is the root of the problem and its treatment leads to an immediate change in the condition of the patient and the disappearance of secondary disorders. One of the key innovations that the method presents is the formation of four different types of touch, in accordance with the four layers constituting the cranial system (muscle, bone, dura mater and fluids), which allow for exact diagnosis of the source of the disorder down to the tissue level.

The combination of osteopathy theories that are rich with anatomic-mechanical knowledge, a technique of treating the cranial system and systems that affect it and advanced diagnostic tools using touch, make integrative craniosacral therapy a diagnostic method of exceptional effectiveness. Moreover, the method entourages therapists to think independently and act as artists – to explore the body and treat it through understanding the different relations that occur in it and develop additional contexts and techniques based on the therapeutic schools in which they specialize.

Get real-time objective feedback how effective is your treatment

The Integrative Craniosacral Method includes an accurate diagnosis of the whole body, so the taught techniques allow practitioners to perform tests before and after the treatment, to objectively determine if the body’s reactions have changed.

This information – reactions from the different layers – is critical to assess if the chosen course of action has been effective, or if there are better ways to treat the ailment.

A focus on practical learning

Most course time is devoted to practical learning. Participants learn how to diagnose with tactile skills and treat ailments through cranial techniques rooted in the world of osteopathy. Upon completion of the course, we offer practical internships, where participants can apply these techniques under Oren’s close supervision. It is important to emphasize that the theoretical material is taught in a clinical context, and that enhances its incorporation into the actual treatment.

Advantages for practitioners

  • Advanced tool for diagnosing a large variety of physical ailments
  • High degree of precision in diagnosis and treatment
  • Advanced osteopathic techniques for treating internal organs, muscles, vertebrae, etc.
  • Immediate feedback during the treatment
  • Reduction in the number of techniques needed for effective treatment
  • Markedly shorter treatment period
  • Highly increased treatment efficacy
  • Prevention of recurrence of ailments

What makes the Integrative Cranio approach unique, Oren Dotan also explains in this video:

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