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Chiropractor’s Testimony about Integrative Cranio
Dr. Jonathan E. Dashiff MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, New York

Kappilla, Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher, France

Luke, Yoga Therapy & Hatha Yoga Teacher, UK

Peter, Massage Therapist, England

Adam, Student of Medicine, Netherlands


Galit Levi, Osteopath, Israel:

“This course gave me very much, in terms of developing and fine-tuning my ability to feel with my hands.

It gave me an understanding of chain reactions and interrelations between the skull and all of the body systems, not only holistically but also specifically, in order to build a care-giving strategy.

The course included precise tests for checking motion limitations in the skull, the spinal column and the sacrum.

It taught me practical techniques that are also effective rather quickly, and can be integrated into the treatment methods.

It is a high-level practical course that enables the learner to fly high and think outside the box, and thus helps in treating complex cases.

Thank you so much,

I’d love to attend a follow-up course.”

Ruth Zohar-Moav, Physiotherapist:

“About a year ago I learned with Oren the first level of Cranio-Sacral.

Despite being a certified physiotherapist and a senior Shiatsu therapist with more than 10 years of experience, the knowledge and techniques I acquired in this course very significantly improved my ability to diagnose and heal.

Oren is a gifted therapist and a wonderful teacher, with real and profound passion for what he does.

I warmly recommend the course to therapists who want to enrich their treatment skills, as well as to those who want to start working as a therapist.”

Yehoshua Reinfeld, BPT, Certified Physiotherapist, Israel:

“In terms of its contents, the course is about a hands-on method of treatment that is gentle to an extent that I was unfamiliar with. It relates to very many anatomical systems that I did know about, but that the physiotherapy curriculum does not at all deal with, diagnose or treat: body parts such as the skull, vertebrae C1 and C2, the hyoid and coccyx bones, and the faciae. In this course I learned dozens of practical techniques with clinical reasoning for understanding interrelationships and test results.

As far as teaching is concerned, Oren is highly professional and patient, and encourages questions. It is important for him that we understand and know the why and how of treatment, and that the treatment be precise, both in terms of the touch we apply and of our understanding. There were visual illustrations and the relationship with the students was very personal.”

Meital Peer, Physiotherapist and therapist in the Derech ha-Guf approach:

“I participated in Oren’s Cranio-Sacral course. Oren ran the course with a lot of respect and with great investment. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as his professional know-how, are broad and profound. Oren is motivated by curiosity, and it is evident that he is very interested in passing on his knowledge, thus helping spread this treatment method and improve the quality of treatments. Before attending the course I heard many good things about Oren as a therapist, and after the course I can definitely recommend him also as a teacher.”

Defne Erdur, Turkey:

“I have been very impressed by the Integrative Cranio-sacral training that I have realized with Oren. Not only the technique’s gentle efficiency but also Oren’s ability to teach such an intangible subject matter, impressed me. How he was able to concretize the concepts and ideas, how he could teach us the gentle touch and sensing the changes in our patients body! He is a great teacher teaching what seems totally not possible to teach. I was totally lost along the way and clearly found at the end of the training. I am greatful and looking forward to the upcoming chapters in our training.”

Adam, Medical Student, Netherlands

“As a medical student I tend to be rather skeptic of many healing and therapeutic systems. However, Oren convinced me of the efficiency of Craniosacral Therapy first as when he treated me, and later on when I took his introductory workshop. The effects of the treatments were immediate and obvious. My whole body felt different, much more aligned, and both acute and and chronic pains I have had diminished or disappeared completely. Furthermore, the range of monition of joints (hips, shoulders and vertebrae) increased.

Oren has a great knowledge of human anatomy, and a great passion to this topic. As a teacher he is able to explain complex structures to both those with- and without a background in anatomy. His dedication to the students is apparent. He does not simply lecture, Oren makes sure each of the students understand the essentials.. In the workshop, the theory of Craniosacral Therapy was explained in a clear way. The practical parts of the workshop were highly useful in demonstrating and bring the theory to life. After a short, yet intensive workshop, most of the students were able to preform basic, yet potent, techniques

I highly recommend the workshop to anyone with an interest in medicine and healing.”

Tanya Roberts:

“I took a level one of the Integrative Cranio training with Oren in July 2012, after having taken another level one with different teachers. Oren has extensive knowledge and passion that he shares willingly with his students. While his knowledge is vast, he structured the course in a logical and clear manner, carefully managing the content delivery so that students did not grow overwhelmed, with each lesson building on the foundation of the last. Oren’s bio-mechanic approach and osteopathic training created a program in which I learned practically applied techniques that can be used to achieve relief in many cases.”

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