Course Level 6




A course that constitutes the peak of Integrative Cranio therapy studies. This course requires a full understanding of the method and mastery of its implementation, due to the exceptionally delicate care required for treating the craniums of infants. The studies focus on the unique anatomy of the cranial bones of infants (great flexibility that leads to vulnerability alongside high adaptation and healing ability) and the way in which it affects the formation of common disorders in infants (difficulty in suckling, reflux and more).

Within the course, we shall acquire cranial tools for assessment and treatment of abnormal tensions that may form in the infant’s cranium, following long or unnatural births, and of the skeletal system (pelvis, femurs and other bones) and internal organs. At the end of the course, a practical internship will be held to ensure that the material studied has been properly learned and to provide the participants the confidence required for treating infants.

  • The anatomy of the cranial bones
  • Clinical anatomy and cranial contexts
  • The delivery process
  • Pathophysiology of common disorders in infants in the context of cranial therapy
  • Assessment and treatment of the cranial bones and fontanels
  • Assessment and treatment of the skeletal system
  • Visceral therapy (lung, liver, stomach, intestine)
  • Treatment of common disorders (colic, suckling disorders, reflux and more)

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