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The course is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby the normal flow of fluids is the way of the body to cure itself and a critical foundation in its process of recovering from diseases and other disorders. The fluids that affect the cranial system (CSF, blood vessels, lymphatic system) constitute a vital element in the diagnostic process using the integrative method. Through examination of the changes occurring in them during therapy, it may be known whether we are working in the right direction.

Within the course, we shall learn all of the fluids and the visceral and muscular contexts that affect them, and shall acquire tools for their diagnosis and treatment. One of the key subject with which we shall deal is the relationship between the fluid system and the spinal column, with emphasis on the effect of its position on their normal movement in the body. In this framework, we shall study how to treat the four diaphragms. In addition, we shall learn how to treat fluids in other parts of the body, combining mechanical techniques (for the clavicle), visceral techniques (lung, intestine, etc.) in order to remove barriers that face the fluids in the body.

The specialization in the field of fluids provides the participants in the two previous courses an additional therapeutic level that allows them to increase their diagnosis and treatment abilities. Moreover, the course allows participants to treat disorders that they have not treated before, by providing tools that directly affect the immune system, the drainage system (inflammations) and the body’s healing power.

  • Anatomy of the sinuses of the cranium, lymphatic flow and blood flow
  • Clinical contexts
  • Cranial therapy using the sinus system
  • Treatment of the cervical fascia and the arterial system
  • Lymphatic treatment in the cranial context
  • Assessment and treatment of four diaphragms, for ensuring a good flow of fluids
  • Assessment and mechanical treatment of the clavicle
  • Treatment according to Gordon Zink’s theory
  • Change in the CSF rhythm
  • Visceral treatment of the lung and small intestine

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