Course Level 4

The Facial and Oral Bones

The Facial and Oral Bones


An advanced course based on the osteopathic principle of movement being life. Within the course, we shall integrate all the components of the cranial system and learn about their connection points and the way they affect each other. The course will focus on familiarity with the anatomy of the facial bones and the acquisition of tools for treating them, based on recognition of the great effect of dysfunctions in this region on the cranial system and on the remaining parts of the body. Within this setting, we shall learn the pathologies and common restrictions of movement and their effects.

We shall also focus on treating the temporomandibular joint, while studying its importance for the correct functioning of the neck and of the cranial system. The course participants will specialize in the overall anatomy of the body and bones, while focusing on the relationship that the cranial system maintains with the other systems of the body, which will allow them to treat all common physical disorders in the most effective manner possible.

  • Anatomy of the facial bones
  • The effect of the facial bones on the remaining parts of the cranial system
  • Cynical contexts of common pathologies
  • Treatment of common cranial pathologies (sinusitis, ear disorders, allergies and more)
  • Intraoral treatment and assessment
  • TMJ assessment and treatment

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