Course Level 3

The Spinal Column

The spinal column in cranial perspective

The spinal column is the central axis of the human body. Its critical for the optimum health and function of the nervous and skeleton system. Its proper alignment is essential to balance the cranial system, namely the two extremities the occiput and the sacrum. We are going to explore the balancing of the spine through Osteopathic theory.


During this course, we shall study the nature of the relationship between the cranial system and the spine and internal organs (including study of theories of the spine and the manner in which the vertebrae affect each other). We shall acquire effective techniques for treatment of vertebrae using a cranial approach.

According to the principle of Osteopathy “movement is life”, we learn how to balance the spine in its three aspects mechanical, respiratory and cranial, in order to achieve a long-lasting treatment effect.

We will explore the cranial-visceral–skeletal chain and deepen our understanding of the interaction between these 3 systems. Also, we’ll learn to distinguish which part of the chain is the source of the dysfunction. We continue the treatment of the visceral system via the pericardial cranial axis and its connection to the other parts of the body.

We shall study and practice additional tests for the tissues of the neck and lower back and cranial therapy techniques in additional regions in the body, and combine osteopathic theories (Little John and Lovett) , cranial therapy and the principles of the Integrative Cranio method.

  • Techniques for treating the spine using the cranial approach
  • Treatment and diagnosis of the cranial dura mater
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the cranial-visceral–skeletal chain
  • Treatment of the pericardial cranial axis
  • Theory of Little John and Lovett in cranial perspective
  • Techniques for treatment of scar tissues
  • Anatomy of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Facilitated segment theory
  • The diaphragm – psoas – C3 muscle chain

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