Course Level 2

The Dura Mater & Fascial System

A direct follow-on to the fundamentals course, which is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby all parts of the body are interconnected and affect one another. One of the key emphases in the course is the integrative recognition of the dura mater being part of the fascial system, and that the two interact with each other. This recognition constitutes the basis for the formation of advanced assessments that will be taught in the course, which allow for determination of the source of cranial dysfunctions in the tensions of different fasciae.

In this course we dwell deep into the diagnosis and treatment for the reciprocal tension membrane. We are going to see the interconnection and the effect of the optic nerve and the extraocular muscles. We start to explore the connection between the cranial and the visceral system through the Chapman reflex point and the central tendon theory.We learn how the reciprocal membrane and the dura mater is connected to the peritoneum through the central tendon theory and how they affect each other. With this we start to work with the peritoneum and its connection to the cranial system. We’re going to explore the trapezius as a key element in the Integrative Cranio method because of its major impact on the dura mater. Also we will learn to work with an extended set of diagnosis and treatment options for the C2 and the sacrum.

  • Clinical contexts with disciplines at the dura level
  • Assessment of the cranial system at the dura level
  • Differentiation of disorders in the dura mater from visceral dysfunction
  • The anatomy of the meninges and the cranial nerves
  • Central tendon theory
  • Visceral techniques for treating the peritoneum
  • Cranial therapy of the sutures at the dura level
  • The Chapman reflex in Integrative Cranio perspective

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