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The fundamentals course is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby the body’s structure controls its function. Within the course, we shall learn how the structure of the joints in the cranium affects the cranial system. The course will focus on providing an integrative manner of thinking and development of touch ability.

During the course, we shall study the integrative system and cranial system in depth (including the relations that the cranial system maintains with other systems of the body), we shall acquire the diagnostic basis using the method (including fascial, mechanical and cranial tests), we shall study and practice techniques for treating the cranial system (at the muscular and osseous level) and we shall develop the sensory ability and sensitivity of the fingers, which are vital for diagnosis and treatments.

We shall also study how to treat the upper neck and lower back, as a precondition to cranial therapy. Based on the knowledge and practice gained in the course, we shall start to perform basic assessments, which will constitute a basis for learning additional assessments in the following courses. The tools that will be acquired in the foundations course constitute the basis for diagnosis and treatment of any disorder, using any technique and school. Within the more advanced courses, tools for diagnosis and treatment of more specific disorders will be added to the base.

  • Development of precise diagnostic ability through palpation and sensing
  • Diagnostic technique through palpation of the cranium
  • The cranial theory – the structure and principle of operation of the system
  • Osteopathic philosophy
  • Cranial anatomy using a clinical approach
  • Range of assessment types – cranial, face, skeletal system, sanding and questioning
  • Therapeutic techniques for the neck and lower back, based on the integrative approach
  • Familiarization with the chain of muscles that must be treated in preparation for cranial therapy
  • Cranial therapy – assessment and treatment at the muscle and joint level (sutures)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eight dysfunctions in the central (spino-basilar) cranial axis

Like to know more about the daily course program? View the course syllabus here.


Every course level is accompanied by a range of written homework assignments and followed by 30 therapy treatments including their documentation of case history, diagnosis and treatment. After this every student will give a concluding treatment under the supervision of Oren Dotan. The student receives a certificate of completion once all of these elements are passed.

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Upcoming courses:

Istanbul, Turkey – September 23-25 & 30-October 2, 2016
Oslo, Norway – October 9-11 & 16-18, 2016
Melbourne, Australia – October 28-30 & November 2-4, 2016

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