Course Overview

The Integrative Cranio method is based on the understanding that the cranial system serves as a medium for diagnosis of disorders in all systems of the body.

The purpose of studying the method is to develop independent therapeutic thinking that allows for advanced diagnosis and treatment of the skeleton system, through the cranial system. The combination of comprehensive anatomic-mechanical knowledge and refined touch and palpation abilities allow therapists to identify the source of disorders, whether in the cranial system itself or another system affecting it.


The syllabus combines osteopathic theories, techniques for treating the cranial systems and the systems that it interacts with and four methods of touch, which are adapted to the four layers constituting the cranial system.

System of 6 Courses

The studies cover six courses, which provide all of the knowledge and tools required for assessments and treatments using the Integrative Cranio method. Each course relies on the knowledge accumulated in the preceding courses and adds a new dimension to the understanding of the cranial systems and the manners of diagnosing and treating it.

Course 1: Fundamentals

The first part is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby the body’s structure controls its function. Read more

Course 2: The Dura Mater and Fascial System

The second course is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby all parts of the body are interconnected and affect one another. Read more

Course 3: The Spinal Column in Cranial Perspective

The third course focuses on the spinal column that is the central axis of the human body and is critical for the optimum health.. Read more

Course 4: The Facial and Oral Bones

The advanced forth course is based on the osteopathic principle of movement being life. Read more

Course 5: Fluids

This course is based on the osteopathic principle, whereby the normal flow of fluids is the way of the body to cure itself and a critical foundation in its process of recovering from diseases and other disorders. Read more

Course 6: Infants

The sixth course constitutes the peak of the Integrative Cranio therapy studies. Read more


Every course level requires full attendance and is accompanied by a range of written homework assignments, 30 therapy treatments including their documentation of case history, diagnosis and treatment as well as a concluding treatment under the supervision of Oren Dotan.  If all of these elements are duly completed a certificate of completion is awarded. After completion of all six course levels the student will receive a Diploma in Integrative Cranio Therapy.

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