Integrative Cranio

Think like an osteopath. Heal with craniosacral.

What is Integrative Cranio?

Integrative Cranio is an advanced diagnostic method whose purpose is to identify the hidden origin of the disorder from which the patient suffers. The method, which was developed by Oren Dotan, DO, uses the spirit of osteopathy and is based on the understanding that the cranial system has interrelations with the various systems of the body (mechanical and visceral). Read More

The main advantages of the method for physical therapists

  • Diagnosis and identification of disorders down to the tissue level
  • Treatment of a range of disorders at any age
  • Significantly reducing the duration of treatment
  • High effectiveness and prevention of disorder recurrence
  • Receipt of immediate feedback on therapy

What participants say

«…This system that Oren teaches takes the science a step forward in its ability to come up with guidelines that show that the diagnosis is correct, the treatment is correct and the results are reproducible…» 

Jonathan Dashiff MD, Orthopedic surgeon, U.S.

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«…In the last two weeks that we have been working together, I already started implementing some of the things I learned and the results have actually been miraculous and life changing for me, as well as my practice…»

Renee Sacharny, Chiropractor, U.S.

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«…Despite being a certified Physiotherapist and a senior Shiatsu therapist with more than 10 years of experience, the knowledge and techniques I acquired in this course very significantly improved my ability to diagnose and heal…»

Ruth Zohar-Moav, Physiotherapist, Israel

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Integrative Cranio

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